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Sojka's benchmark

Sojka's benchmark

(This is what elicited Tom's recent posting.)

Here is a very preliminary report on
Sojka's collision problem for Times \v{d} 
as seen under OzTeX and Textures.

OzTeX  (Using dvicopy + nonvirtual driver)
provided placement accurate to +-2pixels.
Almost no collision problem.

Textures  (with its new orthodox vf driver) 
provides placement accurate up to
+-1 pixel. No collision problem.

On the other hand the placement of dvips
involves errors that do not go to zero as resolution
increases.  For default settings the \v goes smack on top 
d stem at both 300 and 600 dpi. Dreadful problem.

Is there something wrong with dvips????

Can Oz better approach the perfomance of Textures
which the clear winner??

Larry Siebenmann