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Czech accent drift problem

Czech horizontal drift problem

Petr Sojka has now provided a good example in which
horizontal misplacement of vf character
fragments causes damage.

It is posted on ftp matups.matups.fr

in the directory


This example shows collision of a "ha\v cek" accent with the d
it accents; recall that the "ha\v cek" on d becomes a small
"comma" in low superscript position.  It is placed so close
after the d that a small amount of drift can cause collision,
at any rate far less than for accents that ride on top of the
accented character.

dvicopy is NOT involved. dvips and a virtual Adobe
Times Roman are involved.

The optional settings   -e0 -D1200 for dvips
cure the problem (nearly).

The font size is about 8.5pt (footnote size) and the printer
resolution I happened to use was 300dpi.

It seems probable that all three letters

      \v d, \v t, \v l

suffer the same problem, but I would be very
interested to see any OTHER Cork norm characters that

    I believe that EVERYONE actively interested in virtual
fonts should have a close look.  In particular I would like
to see a FULL analysis of the mechanism actually causing
these collisions.

    Laurent Siebenmann