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Re: drift zeroing and dvicopy

:   LS=me 
:   AT=Andy Trevorrow, author of OzTeXandrew.trevorrow@anu.edu
:  LS> Do you believe the .dvi's (expanded)
:  LS> that Oz produces are immune to Jiri's
:  LS> problem? [ie the drift zeroing for dvicopy output]
:  AT> I've certainly never seen any such problems, but
:  AT> then I don't use a lot of accents in the stuff I write!
:  AT> Nobody has ever pointed out any problems in this area yet
:  AT> and some people are obviously using vfs quite heavily
:  AT> now.
: In the present circumstances where existing literature
: seems to provide inadequate support for a theoretical
: discussion, might I suggest that readers report 
: any *empirical* evidence of quality  degradation.  
I may report empirical evidence of quality degradation
and some possible remedy too:

I use many accents in Czech fonts so I noticed
misplacement of accents in virtual fonts:
HP LJ III+PS cartridge, 300dpi, dvips 5.49, no extra switches
Using -E0 itself doesn't help, BUT
with the exactly the same configuration, .dvi and dvips
using -D1000 -E0 solved the problem:
dvips used more precise units for positioning, no drift allowed
[and I had no bitmap fonts in document], printer probably ignored 
high resolution setting, but positioning worked well.
The .ps file generated by dvips in the second case
was slightly bigger (<5%), but who worry.

Having new switch for setting of dvips `positioning units'
or resolution would solve the problems (or rather
having some better dvitype like standard for virtual font
handling [any people from dvi standard committee here?]).

Petr Sojka 
: The most probable teltale sign might be horizontal
: misplacement of pieces of virtual characters.
Yes, it was the case.