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drift zeroing and dvicopy

  AT=Andy Trevorrow, author of OzTeXandrew.trevorrow@anu.edu

 LS> Do you believe the .dvi's (expanded)
 LS> that Oz produces are immune to Jiri's
 LS> problem? [ie the drift zeroing for dvicopy output]

 AT> I've certainly never seen any such problems, but
 AT> then I don't use a lot of accents in the stuff I write!
 AT> Nobody has ever pointed out any problems in this area yet
 AT> and some people are obviously using vfs quite heavily
 AT> now.

In the present circumstances where existing literature
seems to provide inadequate support for a theoretical
discussion, might I suggest that readers report 
any *empirical* evidence of quality  degradation.  

The most probable teltale sign might be horizontal
misplacement of pieces of virtual characters.

Perhaps at highest risk are atomic CM .dvi files
exported to TeX drivers unaware of dvicopy.

Such expanded CM .dvi files arise naturally and
automatically under OzTeX when the DM virtual fonts are
used with accented European languages.  In short use DM
under Oz for your next article and distribute in CM
.dvi form asking for comments on quality!

Laurent S.