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bye bye dvicopy+ ?

Dear Jiri,

     Oversight indeed. It seems that font change and
"vertical moves" both zero drift.  Do you agree?

     Under drivers that do not keep drift near zero, this
invalidates dvicopy+ for any virtual font that uses more
than one raw font or makes use of vertical moves (vskips).

     My envisaged use of dvicopy+ for archived dvi's uses
only one raw font per virtual font. But it did explicitly
envisage vertical adjustment of accents. Bang.  dvicopy+
dies (!?).

     Andy Trevorrow is perhaps the last person to analyse
this problem closely.  I wonder what he thinks of this mess.

     Standard atomic fonts remain promising for
standardizing the use of vf's in the non-PS TeX world.  It
is the atomic .dvi notion that is in trouble.


              Laurent Siebenmann

PS This correction crossed with some first reactions of
Jiri; on which more later.  One important point I was quite
unaware of is that Peter Breitenlohner has a sheme for
overcoming the drift problem...