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NEW MATH and EdMetrics

NEW MATH and EdMetrics

Dear Berthold,

      In the Blue Sky version of the MathTime fonts,
I was disapointed to find that a couple of convenient
facilities for performing "condensation-extension"
and "track-kerning" fail, at least as provided for in
the Blue Sky program EdMetrics.  

      Since you have been involved in the process of puting the
MathTime fonts in hinted Adobe type one format perhaps you
have an educated guess whether these facilities can be
restored.  Of course the question whether they really will be
restored is entangled with classified "expert font set"

      I do not recall mention of an "inline PostScript"
SPECIAL for the virtual font implementation of Textures.
Is there one for Y&Y's driver?  Since the de facto
standard is dvips, I imagine both drivers will ultimately
follow suit.  If a standard syntax is maintained, that
would provide a very powerful tool to realise the sort
of effects mentioned above.

       This reminds me that PostScript level 2 reportedly lets
one use virtual (composite) font notions together with Type 1
hinting. Unfortunately few of us have level 2 printers just
now. If we attempt to print such a level 2 virtual or composite
font on a level 1 printer, do we get nothing, or do we get the
the result of a level 1 composite font.  If we get nothing, I
bet it will be many years before the level 2 virtual fonts
virtual fonts have a real impact.  Same question for ATM.

      Laurent S