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Re: More on text complement fonts

> From Joerg.Knappen@uni-mainz.de Wed Sep  1 12:38:32 1993
> Subject: More on text complement fonts
> To: math-font-discuss@cogs.susx.ac.uk
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> More on the text complement fonts:
> In which styles should they be available?
> Probably in all ``major'' design variants, i. e. bold/normal, slanted/
> upright, italic/regular, sans serif/serif/typewriter. I don't see the need 
> for small caps variants, but ...
> --J"org Knappen.

All depends what you put into these fonts. Theoretically they should be
available in all styles---in some cases the design may not change.

About small caps: BE CAREFUL, the height of small caps is not x_height,
but more-or-less 1.2 times x_height. Imagine you have the cent symbol, which
contains a lowercase c. Together with small caps, this c will look a little
smaller...not a very happy view. In that case it would be better to have the
c with the same height as small caps.