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Re: Text complement font

other currency symbols:
CE (C raised and ending at Es middle horizontal stroke) Euro-Currency symbol
//C Colon sign (variant?) 20A1
Cr (r inside the C) Cruzeiro sign 20A2
F- (crossed F) French Franc sign 20A3 [never seen it in France...]
=L (like \sterling but with double stroke) Lira sign 20A4
/m mill sign 20A5
=N Naira sign 20A6
-P Peseta sign 20A7
Rs Rupee sign 20A8
=W Won sign 20A9          ___
   New Sheqel sign (like |   |   ) 20AA

The hexa codes are frm ISO10646. 
I would propose we take \sterling out of the DC font and inside the complement,
but the single straight code should be in the primary font.
And the L. l. in any case (because of hyphenation patterns)