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Re: More on text complement fonts

>In which styles should they be available?

In theory, they should be available in all the styles that the Cork
fonts are available in, but that's quite a lot of MF work!

Once a suitable standard has been worked out, I'll include it in the
fontinst distribution, which means it'll be available for all the
PostScript fonts.

>I don't see the need for small caps variants, but ...

It would be nice if the u&lc variant would also serve for the c&sc
version, but there may be a problem with some of the currency glyphs,
for example <rupiah> (Rp) and <florin> (f).  Should these be set in
c&sc or in u&lc? 

>  single straight quote 

Good point.

>  What about the arrows from cmtex?

I think dingbats such as arrows would be best left in a dingbats font,
unless they're very commonly used.

>  Then, here are some currency symbols to add to the complement font:


>|C (vertical crossed C): Cedi (Ghana), Col\'on (Costa Rica)

Is this the glyph called <colonmonetary> in the Adobe Expert encoding?

>  was the cent symbol proposed yet?

All of the currency glyphs in the Adobe Expert encoding will be

>  Should care of /dollaroldstyle and /centoldstyle which are included in some
>  fonts?

Yes, if the text symbol font contains oldstyle digits, it will also
contain oldstyle variants of some other glyphs, including <cent> and