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Text complement font

  Maybe now it is time to start on the text complement font. Yannis Haralambous
  has made the important remark, that the cm text fonts contain a single
  straight quote (e.g. the caps'n'small caps or the typewriter fonts) which is
  not included in the dc encoding yet. I think, a good place for it will be the
  text complement font.

  Are there other characters from cm-fonts we have overlooked so far?

  What about the arrows from cmtex?

  Then, here are some currency symbols to add to the complement font:
|C (vertical crossed C): Cedi (Ghana), Col\'on (Costa Rica)
|G (vertical crossed G): Guarani (Paraguay)
=N (double horizontal crossed N): Naira (Nigeria)
-P (horizontal crossed P): Peso (Phillipines)
-W (horizontal crossed W): Won (both Koreas)
  was the cent symbol proposed yet?
  Should care of /dollaroldstyle and /centoldstyle which are included in some

  --J"org Knappen