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Re: another symbol: \iotaslash or \iotabar

>OK, I'll make a copy in the library today, if the book is available,
>but I need your postal adress. Is it somewhere in the working group
>papers or the TUG proceedings? If not tell me where to send it to.

Oops!  I'll include my .sig this time!  Thanks.

>In a seminar paper, I've seen <iotabar> with a vertical bar, 

Vertical?  Not horizontal... bizarre...

>I had in mind that some books tend to use upright
>lower case greek throughout, but in that case one should replace the 
>MC font as a whole with something like an Euler version.

This is another point of discussion in the MFG... at the moment, the
intension of the MC font is that it can be used in publications which
use upright lc greek, by redefining \alpha etc.  So we would need four
glyphs for each lc greek barred letter.  
>I've been thinking of writing up a draft post, outlining the ideas behind 
>the MFG project and asking scientists if they have special requirements. 

I think the conclusion we came to was that it would be worth waiting
until we've got a list of glyphs sorted.  Then we'll put out a very
wide post asking `What have we missed?'  If we put out a post at the
moment, we'll get lots of requests for glyphs we've already
considered.  At the moment there's a bit of a lull whilst Justin has a



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