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Re: math roman/italic

>      Here is a new consideration. Classical French math
>typography normally makes capital (one letter) variables *math
>roman* and lowercase (one letter) variables *math italic*. 

Thanks for the info!  There are at least two ways this could be
handled in TeX:

a) Change the mathcode for A--Z to be from family 0 by default rather
   than family 2.

b) Create a MC-encoded virtual font with roman Latin uc and italic
   Latin lc. 

Option (b) is more complex (and means yet another VF!) but has the
advantage of allowing for better kerning, ligaturing and subscript
positioning than option (a).  You pays your money and you takes your

With such a document design, you would certainly need a math roman and
a math italic that sit well together.  But with other document
designs, the math roman and math italic will be from quite different
fonts.  It's really up to the document designer.