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Re: mathdiscretionary

To:	IN%"math-font-discuss@cogs.susx.ac.uk"

not that it belongs onto this list, but it is a nice item:

> \mathdiscretionary??
>  > SZILLAT@iaas-berlin.d400.de
>  > Ein anderes Detail, das mir aufgefallen ist, 
>  > ist der Satz umgebrochener Formeln
>  > a = b +
>  >  + c
>  > Das Operationszeichen taucht auf beiden Zeilen auf.
> In English: the plus sign of the broken formula is repeated.
> QUIERY:  Can TeX provide for this automatically?
> Or is this another challenge for NTS?

sure it does (shouldn't you know Larry? :-) if you define



a bit $a + b + C + d + e + f + f + g$

unfortunately TeX doesn't allow to use math inside the \discretionary
so one has to fiddle around a bit. (and one could do better in NTS)