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Palatino/CMR conflict situation for \sin

Yannis> But it [CMR] should not be the default mode [for \sin] 

I wish to add two arguments for CMR 
       indeed being the default mode.

 1) (administrative) CMR *must* be chosen when we move from
Palatino to a Greek or Russian font.

 2) (aesthetic)  In osudeG.sty (a math book style for de
Gruyter found on matups.matups.fr) I give a revamped
version of \mathsurround that allows math to be gracefully
distanced from prose. (Knuth's \mathsurround is unbearable
when prose punctuation follows math.) It better gives
a sense that two languages are alternating: math and (say)
English.  The CMR choice makes the math more coherent.

Laurent Siebenmann