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the nature of \sin conclusion

from yannis:
I believe that in a Palatino/CMR conflict situation for \sin, we should keep
\sin in Palatino, i.e. in the text font.
f course this is not an absolute truth, and
there should be an option left for those who would like to have CMR \sin.
But it should not be the default mode.

from Laurent Siebenmann
Justin(?)> have `log' and `sin', etc typeset in many different ways.

Here I sort of agree.

So, just to make things clear, and as a sort of conclusion: 

 	- you both agree that it is important to let the user choose the
	look of \sin and friend  ?

	- And thus you agree it is important that we keep a font ( the
	base font) as a text font that can easily be changed by the user ?