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Re: another symbol: \iotaslash or \iotabar


Thanks for the references for iotabar.  It'll certainly be considered
for inclusion, but like you say, MC is pretty crowded!

>J.Wesson: Tokamaks, Oxford Univ. Press 

Could you send me a photocopied page or two from this, so that I can
see what iotabar looks like?

>P.S. A general question: would it be a good idea to post a query 
>about the need for specialized symbols on some of the major sci.*
>newsgroups? Quite a lot of people in math, physics, etc use TeX
>for their papers, but most of them aren't aware of this working
>group. So questions to this list like: ``Do we really need this 
>or that symbol?'' probably don't reach a wide enough audience.

I think this would be a very good idea.  I'll see what the rest of the
MFG reckons...