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Additional arrows

If anyone has any requests for new arrows, could they please mail them 
soon!  At the moment, the new arrows under consideration are:
   \righarrowbullet    (like \multimap but with a filled circle)
   \rightarrowtriangle (like \multimap but with a triangle)
   \dashrightarrow     (a dashed arrow)
   \Mapsto             (a version of \mapsto with a double arrow)
   \Mmapsto            (a version of \mapsto with a triple arrow)
Each arrow will come facing right, facing left, and with two heads.  In 
addition, we're considering:
   \leftrightarrowbulletcirc (a \leftarrowbullet joined with a \multimap)
   \leftrightarrowcircbullet (the same rotated 180 degrees)
Should we consider the dotted arrow $\dot\rightarrow$ to be a separate 
glyph, or an accented arrow?
The usual provisos apply, ie please tell us where it's used, and 
preferably snail-mail me a copy of a paper using the glyph!  Apply soon 
to win major prizes!