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\opm and \omp

Ulrik, you told us that you need an \opm and an \omp. However, I cannot 
imagine how to design those thingies properly. My probelm is:
in \oplus, the + attaches the surrounding circle and is lying perfectly 
symetric in it. If you now move the plus upward, the vertical stroke 
becomes shorter than the horizontal one.

Ways out of this design dilemma:
a) make the outer circle to an egg, to keep the other features of \oplus in 
b) tolerate a distorted + sing inside the \opm
c) do not touch the circle any longer
d) design another symbol for the intended meaning, e. g. consiting of two 
   circles above each other, one containing +, the other -

What do you think about it?

--J"org Knappen.

I think there is still another way to do things: keep the circle the same
size, and reduce the size of the \pm ?