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big delims

Following jorg's preference oreder list, I have now got:

    \item Semantic brakets $[\![$ and $]\!]$ must be extensible: 14

    \item An extensible version of $|||$ for use as $|||f|||$ (a
      norme). Just the extension module: 1

    \item Multi set brackets $\{|$ and $|\}$: 16

    \item {\tt Unicode contains another style of brackets,
        they call them tortoise shell brackets. They look like\\ 
        \verb+/ \+\\ \verb+| |+\\ \verb+\ /+\\}: 14

    \item Some delimiters that look like: 8
         / |
        /  |
        \  |
         \ |

    \item For both multisized curly braces there is only one
      extensible module.  This works for DEK's curly braces, probably
      because they are symetrical. But this may not be the case for an
      other design. So we must include a slot for the other extensible
      module: 1