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More on the Powerset symbol

Justin Ziegler <ziegler@de.uni-mainz.zdv.goofy> asked me where the baseline
should go. It should be at the bottom (a sort of "uppercase weierstrass p"
as bb suggested). In the two references I sent the height of the
symbol is just over 1 ex, slightly below the height of the capital letters.
Personally I think it looks a little short, and I have just remembered
a more recent reference: 
    B.A.Davey and H. A. Priestley, Introduction to Lattices and Order, 
    Cambridge University Press, 1990, P.3 
which uses a similar powerset symbol, but about 20% taller then the 
capitals. (I know one of the authors, who complained about the lack
of a good powerset symbol in TeX. They were forced to use 
\raisebox{0.5ex}{\Large$\oldwp$} as an approximation).  
Like this:
    XXXXX           XXXX           XXXXXXXXXXXX
    XXXXX           XXXX                XX   
  XXXXXXXX          XXXX                XX
  XXX  XXX          XX                  XX
  XX   XXXXXXX  XXXXXX                  XX
  XX    XXXXXXXXXXXX                    XX
  XX    XXXX                            XX
  XX    XXXX                            XX
  XX      XXXX                          XX
  XX      XXXX                          XX
  XXXX    XXXX                          XX
  XXXX    XXXX                          XX
  XXXX  XXXX                            XX
    XXXXXX           BASELINE      XXXXXXXXXXXX        

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