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extensible delimiters

   Could I have some references for the extensible versions of the following:

	   [|        |] -- semantic brackets (almost universal)

	   (|        |) -- relational image (in Z)

	   {|        |} -- bag symbol (some dialects of CSP)

	   <|        |> -- bindings (in Z) 

   If those are only used in Z and CSP, maybe i got forget about them ?

I agree with Jorg's comments on this.  People *want* new forms of brackets,
and will use them eagerly if provided... it would be nice to have some
provision for the future...

[ I'm not sure about extensible versions, but I would regard these as *much*
more useful than horizontally extensible accents etc., which tend to look 
ugly---in my sort of maths, anyway. ] 

And I would suggest that users of Z-like notations will form a sizeable
proportion of TeX users in the future.  Say what you like about specific
notations, but the symbol requirements are more general than that.