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Nabla, Laplace-Operator, d'Alembert-Operator

For the pair Nabla / Laplace there are two possible styles, the first which 
is found in the germn edition of Landau-Lifschitz is to use $\triangleup$ 
and $\triangledown$, the other is to use $\nabla$ and $\Delta$. Both styles 
are often found, both styles provide no problems with present (La)TeX.

The d'Alembertian is a little bit difficult, because it sould be 
a) square, b) sitting on the base line and c) of about the same height as
capital letters.
It not easy to make all three requirements meet, b) is most often given up. 
The best LaTeX approximation was $\Box$ from lasy, but it is not optimal.

I have also done a d'Alembertian with different weighted strokes as an 
METAFONT exercise, but this would clearly introduce something new into the 

--J"org Knappen.