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tortoise shell brackets and other types of brackets

As I proposed the tortoise shell brackets, I was looking into the future. 
I'm quite sure, that because they are in ISO 10646 and in UNICODE, someone 
will find a use of them soon. At the moment I have only one reference for 
their actual use, but this is in text. It is in the Chinese Journal of 
Nuclear Physics, published bei Beijing Ocean Press (? not sure about the 
publisher and too lasy to walk to library and look it up), where it is used 
to give citations in the style 
bla bla$\ltort1\rtort$ bla bla ...

For defining different scalar products, commutators, anti-commutators and 
all that, there is always a latent lack of different brackets, I'm sure 
they'll all become very popular quickly, if we provide them. Therefore I 
think we should include as many types of brackets as we have place. 

A probbable hierachy would go like this:
[| {| \ltort <| \bboldltort (|

If there is lack of space in the MX encoding, I suggest to move first all 
horizontally extensible things (widetilde, widehat, widetie, widebreve) to 
some other encoding.

--J"org Knappen