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width of \tilde, \hat, \bar over capital letters

I wrote earlier:

> In use at the AMS the CM \bar accent has proved unsatisfactory. Over
> capital letters a wider bar character is wanted.

and now I notice a recent post in comp.text.tex coincidentally providing some
independent support for this idea:

> From: mrw@ukc.ac.uk (M.R.Watkins)
> Subject: LaTeX: Stretching tildes
> Date: 17 Aug 93 14:53:10
> Message-ID: <5588@eagle.ukc.ac.uk>
> To: tex-news@SHSU.EDU
> Is there any way of adapting the LaTeX command \tilde so that it stretches
> over the entire argument?  $\tilde{H}$, for example, looks wrong.
> Thanks
> mrw