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Cyrillic in math

I have started an inquiry about cyrillic in math on the list rustex-l. Here 
is one answer.

Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1993 20:14:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: dlv@bwalk.dm.com (Dimitri Vulis)
Subject: RE:      Use of cyrrilic inside mathematical formulae
In-reply-to: <01H1WBWF1MWG8WVYMC@VzdmzA.ZDV.Uni-Mainz.DE>
To: J%org Knappen <Joerg.Knappen@uni-mainz.de>

J%org Knappen <Joerg.Knappen@uni-mainz.de> writes:
> If you are doing a paper in russian or another language written in
> cyrillic, do you use cyrillic letters inside mathematical formulae?
> If yes, what for do you use them and in which style do you set them
> (upright, italic, bold sans serif...)?

Well, I have read numerous papers written in Russian :) and:
Yes, Cyrillic letters are _occasionally_ used for subscripts. This
seems to be more common with physics and economics papers than with
pure math papers. I don't recall _ever_ seeing Cyrillic letters used
for variables, unless they happen to look like Greek letters. One
person I know always write \Gamma for group (gruppa) and \Pi for
semigroup (polugruppa). While I don't recall seeing Cyrillic variables,
it's not unusual to have a whole Russian word as a subscript, in which
case it's set in regular upright font:

          L       + L     = ....
           solnce    luna

The words s. and l. would be set in the same text font as the text outside
the formula.

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