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>What about the suggestion I made a week or two ago, that MX be split into

Or we could move some of the new big operators into one of the MSi
encodings.  This would make the MSi fonts with bigops below the
baseline TeX-specific though...

among the aims of the MFG:

Putting all old tex and latex font material in the first 4 fonts.

Putting all the tex specific glyphs in the MX encoding.

Using as little families as possible.

I think those are relatively reasonable no ?

However I feal that we must discuss the second point. Until now that was
one of our main constraints, maybe Yannis you could give an english
version of what you sent me. 

Personnally I don't think it's only a matter of bringing tex to the rest
of the world, but also bringing the rest of the world's fonts to tex.