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Re: large bigops

> Could anybody give me some explanation for this:
> \item Small versions of operators have a null height, whereas
>   big versions have a small height and a big depth:
>   \begin{verbatim}
>   (CHARACTER O 116
>    (COMMENT This is the small \bigotimes)
>    (CHARWD R 1.1111145)
>    (CHARDP R 1.000013)
>    (NEXTLARGER O 117)
>    )
>    (CHARACTER O 117
>    (COMMENT This is the big \bigotimes)
>    (CHARWD R 1.511116)
>    (CHARHT R 0.100001)
>    (CHARDP R 1.500012)
>    )
>   \end{verbatim}
> THis is urgent.

Since the big operators are vertically centered by TeX with respect to
the math axis, the relative proportions of the height and depth are
normally not important. I would guess that the height values used were
an expedient forced by the Metafont limit of 15 heights and depths per
.tfm file. This hypothesis seems to be supported by the use of the
padded operator in bigop.mf for the displaystyle versions.

Michael Downes                              mjd@math.ams.org (Internet)