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the sim family

In the following list, the two last look very different from the others.
Can we consider that it is a design mistake ?

    \item sim CMSY'030
    \item approx CMSY '31
    \item simeq CMSY'047
    \item wr CMSY'157
    \item The bold MSBM'034
    \item MSBM'035
    \item MSBM'150
    \item The bold MSBM'163
    \item The bold MSBM'164
    \item MSBM'165

    \item MSAM'166, backsim
    \item MSAM'167, backsimeq


the same difference appears for the > with a tilde underneath, and other
glyphs. Some of them look nice and shapee, and some look very geometric. I
feal this is a mistake. Maybe the two ms*m fonts were done by two
different designers ?

Any body got any comments ?
I'm sure barbara will have some !