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new delimiters

  \subsection{New multi-sized, and extensible delimiters: 59}
  A multi-sized delimiter means: 4 sizes for each side : 8 glyphs.
  Plus and extensible version: top botom extension module for both
  sides:6 glyphs. Sometimes also a middle: 8 glyphs. Total: 16 or 14.

    \item Semantic brakets $[\![$ and $]\!]$ must be extensible: 14

    \item An extensible version of $|||$ for use as $|||f|||$ (a
      norme). Just the extension module: 1

    \item {\tt Point 43. Unicode contains another style of brackets,
        they call them tortoise shell brackets. They look like\\ 
        \verb+/ \+\\ \verb+| |+\\ \verb+\ /+\\}: 14

    \item The previous ones in Bbb: 14

    \item Multi set brackets $\{|$ and $|\}$: 16


Does anybody have any comments ?
Things to add ?
examples of usage ? references ?