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International math style

  The style of math is varying from country to country and from publisher to
  publisher. In the beginning of 1992 there was a discussion on TEX-D-L about
  this theme. I had looked up several journals, one of which was in russian

Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1991
(in russian)
upright integrals, italic d,\partial,e,i; upright greek (caps and lowers); 
sometimes upright cyrillic letters in formulae. International units of  
measurement (like W) are abbreviated with cyrillic letters. \curl translates
to `rot' and \tr to `sp'.

  However, I'm not convinced of the necessity of a cyrillic math alphabet as
  a part of the standard encoding, the text cyrillic can do this part for most

  -- J"org Knappen