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Re: BBB versus Fractur

if i had to make a guess as to whether fraktur or blackboard bols
is used most, i'd probably guess fraktur.  but bbb seems to be
increasing in "popularity", or rather, the (math) areas in which
this notation is used heavily seem to be spreading.

i'll see if mike downes can tie this down better.

unfortunately, we don't have any actual statistics.  it would have
been wonderful if tex incorporated some method of getting statistics
automatically, but it doesn't, and neither did any system we've used
before tex.  and we've never really developed any independent technique
for getting statistics (lack of "programmer power", i.e. time to spend
on things that weren't "vital").  so the searches we're doing now are
out-of-context searches on simple strings, against whatever data still
happens to be on-line, which is probably not quite a year's worth.
very time-consuming, both setting up the jobs, computer time for
running them, and analyzing the results.  hope to have something for
you by monday.  (another weekend in the office, sigh.)
						-- bb