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Re: More on subscripts and superscripts

Concerning books:
MacLane's Categories are OK, but if you want to see the most of symbols
then you must read a German's book, for example the Algebraic Topology by
Dold. It is also interesting to look into Russian books, they have a quite
different way of teaching (and writing) math. In a (French translation) of
a Russian Differential Geometry book, an Arabic letter was used (the letter
dal) because there were so many kinds of differentials that the translator had
to look into the Arabic alphabet to find a different `d' [BTW the translator
was Arab]. Sounds funny, but it was a Mir book, believe it or not.
Also I advise you to look into French books published by Hermann (ever heard
of Bourbaki??) they are absolutely beautiful, and far away from Don's math
style (they are writing math formulas with Garamond!!)
Finally if you want weird diagrams, try Whiteheads Elements of Hopotopy
Theory, or some books by Grothendieck wher he defines convergence of diagrams...
My background is Algebraic Topology (PhD)