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Re: cmex: a draft.

    >It seems pretty clear, that the NEXTLARGER mechanism for selecting
    >displaystyle versions of larger operators is just a hack used by Knuth

    I'm not so sure about this, since I'm not convinced that a 14pt
    \textstyle\int is the same as a 10pt \displaystyle\int.

i'm quite sure that a 14pt \textstyle\int is *not* the same as a 10pt
\displaystyle\int -- i examined the .mf code for most of the big
operators, as well as the use of these operators in art of computer
programming vol. 2 (the reason for tex's existence -- remember?).
you may call it a hack, but i believe it's a real design decision, and
that two sizes "per baseline" is the traditional, and preferable, way
to do it.
						-- bb