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aggreed.tex point 16 (punctuation)

on the news group ``de.comp.tex'' there was a complaint, that `:=' and `=:'
do not look right, because the `:' is not centered to the math axis. There 
was also some macro to raise the colon to right height (eek!).

How to solve this problem:
a) Correct the MF for `:' in math italic. 
b) Provide own, ready made glyphs for `:=' and `=:'
c) Do both a) and b)

After the whole discussion on mathord and mathrel I'm tending to b) rather a)
allthough it put two more symbol into the mathcore encoding.

As I am on this section, I disagree with Justin in the Notes 1 and 3. There 
is no need in duplicating the punctuation symbols `.' and `:' in the font 
encoding. Only one can be addressed intuitively via a \mathcode by typing 
`.' resp. `:', the other must be addressed by a macro name anyhow. Let TeX 
do the spacing.

--J"org Knappen.