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Re: Intergrals again

>What about the euler extension fonts?  

We shouldn't mix the Euler symbols with CM symbols, they're very
different in weight and shape.

>My personal proposal would be not to include the euler style integrals in 
>the new extended encoding, but to provide a parallel encoded font with 
>unslanted integrals.

Agreed.  The choice of integral style is part of the font
implementation, similar to the other glyph shape decisions.

>The alternative extension font can have equal weight extesible braces for 
>this purpose. 

This doesn't necessarily need to be part of an alternative, since (in
cmex) if you say:

   \def\fatrbrace{\delimiter"5000338 }

then you'll get a right brace that's always built from the extensible

>A last point: After the debatte on \smallint, do we need all integrals in 
>smallint-style, like \smalloint etc. ?

I'd say yes, every large operator should have a small variant.