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Re: the check sign

>That said, I'm not too bothered about "special interest" symbols like
>check, I was merely pointing out that I use them.

Yes, there's a problem about which speciality symbols to include in
the math fonts.  Everything that is currently available in math mode
will still be available, although some of the glyphs (such as \yen)
will almost certainly be moved into a text font, and will be available
by definitions of the form:


where the definition of \scriptsize and \scriptscriptsize will be
dependent on the font loading scheme (plain and LaTeX will need
different definitions).

>        [|        |] -- semantic brackets (almost universal)


>        (|        |) -- relational image (in Z)

A possibility (these are the banana brackets I was talking about).

>        {|        |} -- bag symbol (some dialects of CSP)

A possibility.

>        <|        |> -- bindings (in Z)

A slight possibility.

The last one is actually more like $\langle\!|$ and $|\!\rangle$.  The
first three could be made extensible.  The last one can only extend as
much as \langle and \rangle.

Whether these glyphs are included or not will probably come down to
how many slots we have spare!