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Re: SYMBOLS - operators

>The question is some have three sizes, and some have two sizes. I feel
>like making them all three sizes. What do you think ?

I'd recommend that anything that has a large variant <bigFOO> should
also have a small variant <FOO>, but not necessarily vice versa.  The
following binary operators from cmsy and ms*m don't have large
variants (at least I've never seen them!):

   \pm, \mp, \setminus, \cdot, \times, \ast, \star, \diamond, \circ,
   \bullet, \div, \triangleleft, \triangleright, \wr, \bigcirc,
   \dagger, \ddagger, \bigtriangleup, \bigtriangledown,
   \blacktriangleup, \blacktriangledown, \circledR, \circledS

The following are questionable:

   \ominus, \oslash, \odot, \triangleup, \triangledown,
   \curlyvee, \curlywedge, \Cup, \Cap, all the \boxFOO operators

\sqcap, \parallel, \interleave, \oblong and \dijkstrachoice(these last
three from St Mary's Road) all have large variants.