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Re: emptyset symbols

Justin Ziegler writes:
> There are two empty set symbols in cmr10 in position '034 and '037.

That's the lower and upper case variants of the 28th letter of the Danish
and Norwegian alphabets, which go ``abc...xyz\ae\o\aa''.

> Does anybody know if they are used in math documents.

Only for text, I think, and only if you write in Danish or Norwegian.
Even though we have added a few extra letters to our alphabets, I've
never seen these extra letters used for variables in math formulas.

> the default \emtyset you get when you type \emtyset comes from cmsy.
> Ams propose a varemptyset !
> Which should be kept ?
> Which should be trown out ?
> Or should we keep them all for compatibility ?

We also have the variants of the greek letters, the relational operators
with equal signs, ...  What do we do with them?  If we include more than
one variant in the encoding, what do we do with a font which doesn't have
all the variants?