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> I feel things need a little bit of recentering.
> This is not just a place for any sort of font complaint.
I agree. I hope this is more relevant.

The file mfgpurp.tex says that the new encoding will include all the
shapes from Knuth's Computer Modern fonts, the AMS symbol fonts, the
LaTeX symbol font, and the St Mary's Road font.

Am I right in assuming that these will all be provided in the same
set of design sizes? (Presumably 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12???, 17???)
Currently there are no 12pt and 17pt fonts for any of these
(as far as I know). Also, lasyb is only available in 10pt design size,
and euex (Euler Extension variant of cmx) is only in 7, 8, 9 and 10pt.

To see why it is important to have the same set of design sizes for
all the fonts, try typesetting a \Huge \Longrightarrow in standard
LaTeX. The \Longrightarrow is composed of an = (from cmr) and a
short arrow => (from cmsy). At size \Huge the = comes from cmr17
but the => comes from a scaled cmsy10, and the two symbols don't
line up properly. I fixed this by creating cmsy12 and cmsy17 from
the Sauter Metafont files.

None of these has a nice powerset symbol, which brings up another issue:
Will there be a trickle of new symbols added to the encoding as the
demand for them appears? This seems to be what has happened with the
AMS fonts msam and msbm. Another option is to have a fond of "pieces"
>from which a large number of new symbols can be constructed.

Do you want people on the list to nominate their favourite symbols
for inclusion in the encoding?


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