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this list.

I have recieved two mails this morning on the math-font-discuss list.

I feel things need a little bit of recentering.

This is not just a place for any sort of font complaint.
The idea of this discussion is to give input to us people trying to
redesign the *** math *** encoding **** We are not redesigning TeX.

The encoding we want to produce should work with every existing format.

We are not going to redo all the existing text fonts.

as an answer to Sami Sozuer:

1 - It is my understanding that new encoding schemes are being
planned to accomodate the usage of calligraphic, fraktur and
blackboard letters in math formulas, and that these will
have to be assigned to distinct families (6 in all). I believe
this is a serious mistake. Many PostScript fonts are available
for calligraphic, script and fraktur typefaces and these can
be used in math instead. The advantage of this is that
one does not have to waste many fonts even if they may never
used in a particular document.

you will be astonished to see how fast people at AMS get trough the 16
family limit.

A font made for maths does not have the same adjustments as a font made for