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>Althought the accents acute, breve, and grave, are
>not used, we probably should keep them for
>compatibility reasons.

I've seen grave and acute used in math mode (sorry, the source escapes
me, some theoretical CS paper though :-) and I'm sure someone will
have used breve.  The question is how often they're used.

>Or could suppose they are accessible via a text
>font if they are realy needed ?

The problem is that the accents all need to be visually compatible, so
the math acute really should come from the same font as the math hat,
math tilde etc.  Whether they should be in the math core or not is
another matter...  The other obvious encoding is the math extension
encoding, since that has all the extensible accents.  But that means
we have to be careful about the value of x-height in the math
extension font.