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Welcome to the math font discussion list!

This list is intended to discuss proposals for new math font
encodings for use with TeX.

I'll start the list off by forwarding two discussion documents about
the TUG/LaTeX3 math font group:

 * A statement of purpose, outlining what the math font group is, and
   what we aim to do.

 * A summary of the discussion at the Aston meeting, or at least my
   impression of it!

You'll need a recent version of the LaTeX document style ltugboat.sty
to process these documents.

There'll probably be other discussion documents along later, once I've
brushed the dust off them!



Alan Jeffrey         Tel: +44 273 606755 x 3238         alanje@cogs.susx.ac.uk
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, Sussex Univ., Brighton BN1 9QH, UK