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Trying Out TeX

Trying Out TeX on Mac OS X
For the latest version of MacTeX on OS X, go to the MacTeX Homepage

Getting Started with MacOS X TeX/LaTeX,
by Gary Gray, Penn State University, USA, and Joseph Slater, Wright University, USA
For alternative ways on typesetting with TeX on Mac OS X using various Front Ends and Editors. This website also contains a comprehensive set of links to all aspects of TeX on Mac OS X.

LaTeX: It's Not Just for Academia,
by Kevin O'Malley, University of Michigan, USA
Part 1 -- Versions of LaTeX available for Mac OS X.
Part 2 -- Inside document creation and how to accomplish basic writing tasks.
Slide show presentation, Practical TeX 2004, San Francisco, July 2004: LaTeX on Mac OS X

LaTeX for Everyman,
by Adrian Heathcote, University of Sydney, Australia
LaTeX for Everybody (pdf)
-- First Article about LaTeX in a MacWorld issue, Macworld (Australia Edition), Septmeber 2002
Making Books Beautiful Again (pdf)

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