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2.6: Environments

LaTeX provides a number of different paragraph-making environments. Each environment begins and ends in the same manner.

  • array Math arrays.
  • center Centred lines.
  • description Labelled lists.
  • enumerate Numbered lists.
  • eqnarray Sequences of aligned equations.
  • equation Displayed equation.
  • figure Floating figures.
  • flushleft Flushed left lines.
  • flushright Flushed right lines.
  • itemize Bulleted lists.
  • letter Letters.
  • list Generic list environment.
  • minipage Miniature page.
  • picture Picture with text, arrows, lines and circles.
  • quotation Indented environment with paragraph indentation.
  • quote Indented environment with no paragraph indentation.
  • tabbing Align text arbitrarily.
  • table Floating tables.
  • tabular Align text in columns.
  • thebibliography Bibliography or reference list.
  • theorem Theorems, lemmas, etc.
  • titlepage For hand crafted title pages.
  • verbatim Simulating typed input.
  • verse For poetry and other things.