Oh, what a tangled web is TeX,
or so it seems at the outset;
for highest quality, the best to look,
Oh why did I choose to typeset my own book!

For Macintosh users the skies are quite blue,
with Barry to help you and Ben Salzburg too.
With Art, Ross, and Uwe ready to assist,
just send a short email to Gary Gray's (Textures) list.

If shareware type software is more to your taste,
your super-fast Power-Mac need not go to waste.
There's CMac- and Direct-TeX to lessen the sorrow,
and that great program OzTeX, by Andrew Trevorrow.

For Unix-like platforms the software's all free,
with a teTeX installation from the TeX-Live CD,
which collects all the pieces and orders all parts,
Thanks to Thomas Esser, Kaja, and Sebastian Rahtz.

Leslie Lamport created LaTeX nearly fifteen years ago.
It evolved into 2-epsilon by a process rather slow.
Improvements are numerous; results you can see.
Thanks to Carlisle, Mittelbach and Rowley,
It'll be even better with release LaTeX3.

For PostScript Type1 fonts exquisitely drawn,
The expert is Berthold, whose surname is Horn.
Where the yin meets the yang in the great cosmic goo,
Don't get this name mixed-up with Louis Vosloo.