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And here, as one bit of evidence of the high regard for Donald in the TEX community, is a mail message that appeared on the info-tex mail list several years ago, by George Greenwade, ``Father of CTAN''. (At that time info-tex was set up to act as a ``tributary'' of the Usenet newsgroup comp.text.tex: any mail sent to the mail list would also appear in comp.text.tex shortly thereafter.

   Date: 11 Jun 1992 16:38:03 -0500 (CDT)
   From: "George D. Greenwade" <>
   Subject: Style updates on FILESERV/Niord
   Message-id: <>
   X-ListName: TeX-Related Network Discussion List <>

   Donald Arseneau <asnd@triumfcl.bitnet> kindly forwarded me four style
   updates recently.  The affected files are cite.sty, overcite.sty,
   tabls.sty, and ulem.sty.  Briefly:
    CITE -- Compress ranges of citation numbers; adjust spacing; allow spaces
            in input; \citen gives just number(s).
    OVERCITE  -- Like cite.sty, but superscripts; handles punctuation.
    TABLS -- Keep text in {tabular} & {array} from touching vertically
    ULEM -- Underlining for emphasis (\em). Define \ULine{..} also.

   In [over]cite, he added
    % Version 1992: Use \@citepunct for commas so it is easier to change.
   Now, where commas are used as delimiters (i.e., [4-7,9,8,Einstein,6]), you
   have control over whether or not a space exists.

   Also, in overcite (only), he added \/ to allow hyphenation of the previous
   word -- looks better in italics.

   In tabls, the version is raised to 3.1 from 3.0.  3.1 adds some braces to
   match some updates to LaTeX.

   In ulem, the most work appears -- now it is acceptable as a plain TeX macro!
   %  Version 1992: make " {} " give two spaces, as it should; support \newline
   %      and \\, \nolinebreak and \linebreak; add definitions necessary for
   %      plain TeX use.  Support various types of `underline'.
   Quite a few options are now available.

   To retrieve these files via e-mail, include:
   in the body of a mail message to FILESERV@SHSU.BITNET (
   For anonymous ftp retrieval, the files are in the syntax associated with
   the SENDME commands above in the [.STY] directory on

   The TeX community ought to extend its thanks to Donald for his continuing
   efforts on these useful and popular files, as well as the others he is
   responsible for creating.

   Regards,   George

   George D. Greenwade, Ph.D.                            Bitnet:  BED_GDG@SHSU
   Department of Economics and Business Analysis         THEnet: SHSU::BED_GDG
   College of Business Administration                    Voice: (409) 294-1266
   P. O. Box 2118                                        FAX:   (409) 294-3612
   Sam Houston State University              Internet:
   Huntsville, TX 77341