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braket: Dirac bra-ket and set notation.
cases: Multi-case equations with big brace, and a number for each case.
chapterbib: Separate bibliography for each % \include file.
cite: Supports compressed, sorted lists of numerical citations.
drftcite: Print the tags instead of the numbers for \cite.
magaz: Special formatting for the first line of text in a paragraph.
optional: Facilitate optional printing of parts of a document.
overcite: Compressed lists of superscript numerical citations.
random.tex: Generate random numbers.
selectp: Allows selection of individual pages to be output by LaTEX or plain TEX by specifying, for example, \outputonly{1,3,7-12}
shapepar: Provides \shapepar command to typeset paragraphs in specific shapes.
tabls: Modifies LaTEX's array and tabular environments to keep text from touching other text or hlines above or below.
threeparttable: Tables with captions and notes all the same width.
titleref: Cross-reference titles of sections and floats with captions just like \ref and \pageref.
truncate: Truncate text to a specified width.
underscore: Make `_' print as \textunderscore in text.
url: Provides a \url command similar to \verb that allows linebreaks at certain characters or combinations of characters, accepts reconfiguration, and can usually be used in the argument to another command. It is intended for email addresses, hypertext links, directories/paths, etc., which normally have no spaces.
oubraces: Interleave \overbrace with \underbrace
placeins: Keep floats `in their place'; don't let them float into another section.
relsize: Commands \smaller, \larger, etc., for setting the font size relative to the current size
wrapfig: Provides environments "wrapfigure" and "wraptable" that place a figure or table at the side of the page and wrap text around it.