TUG 2001: A TeX Odyssey



Please consider making a donation to the TUG Bursary fund, which is used to defray the travel (and other) costs of deserving applicants who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

Space is provided on the Registration Form for donations to be made at the time of booking.


Members of TUG and members of other recognised TeX User Groups who would be unable to attend the Conference for financial reasons are invited to apply for assistance from the TUG Bursary fund.

Applications should be sent by electronic mail to bursary@tug.org,

and should contain sufficient information to enable the Bursary Committee to make an informed decision without seeking additional information.

In awarding a bursary, the Committee will bear in mind the applicant's role in the conference (e.g. invited speaker, speaker, etc), their financial circumstances, and any additional information which an applicant might wish to adduce in support of his or her case.

The deadline for bursary applications is May 27, 2001