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View of the rear of Bodleian Library buildings

near ChristChurch Meadow

ChristChurch Meadow

Merton College

Downtown Oxford

Interior of Merton College Chapel

Merton Street

Merton College, Fellows Quad

Lord Rahtz, redeyed with Ale!

Mimi Jett

Barbara Beeton - Unicode talk

Frank Mittelbach

Tea break - Kim Roberts (conference office manager) in center

Tea break: Robin Fairbairns, Nelson Beebe, ?, Barbara Beeton, Michael Vulis, ?, Michel Goossens, ?...?, Kim Roberts,
    Tom Kacvinsky, Robin Laakso, ?...?

Holywell Music Room(ivy covered wall), from the inside quad

Tea outside (from above)

Holywell Music Room, from another angle

Karel Skoupy, Phil Taylor, Michel Goossens

Karel Skoupy, Michel Goossens

Phil Taylor, directing

 Karel Skoupy (NTS)

Jonathan Fine

Sunday reception in the Wadham College Great Hall

Sunday reception

Sunday reception

The great hall

Chris Rowley and others at reception

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