tlmgr news

tlmgr is the package and configuration manager included in native TeX Live. This page gives a high-level summary of changes. Running tlmgr --version will report the version number that you have.

tlmgr 47303 (released 14apr18):

  • uninstall now a synonym for remove, so requiring --all to remove the TeX Live installation.

    tlmgr 46207 (released 31jan18):

  • new action/option print-platform-info to dump platform name(s) as well as the identifier.
  • fix integrity checks to include checksum and not only size.
  • remove support for md5 checksums (unused for a long time).

    tlmgr 46034 (released 12dec17):

  • tlmgr info (list): reinstate previous (and intended) list format.
  • tlmgr info: only load remote tlpdb when necessary.
  • (Windows) do not run post-actions when luatex.dll is not available (because runscript needs luatex).

    tlmgr 45838 (released 23nov17):

  • allow excluding packages from update in tlmgr config file.
  • JSON output for various commands.
  • other machine-readable improvements.

    tlmgr 45286 (released 15sep17):

  • require the main repository to be signed.
  • fix tlmgr info output.

    tlmgr 45190 (released 1sep17):

  • fix tlmgrgui not to switch to single repo mode on CTAN mirror usage.
  • prohibit upgrades between releases using tlmgr.
  • add shell mode.
  • add tabulated info output.

    tlmgr 44452 (released 9jun17):

    tlmgr 44422 (TeX Live 2017):

    tlmgr 41476 (released 20jun16):

    tlmgr 41258 (TeX Live 2016):

  • support for system-level configuration files in TEXMFSYSCONFIG/tlmgr/config, where a restricted set of allowed actions can be defined, in addition to the usual tlmgr config file directives.
  • the font and other gui controls can be specified as options to the gui action.
  • verify package checksums during installation; sha-512 used instead of md5 for checksums; new config file setting no-checksums.
  • gpg verification supported, with new action key and new options and config settings --require-verification and verify-downloads.
  • unify installer and tlmgr package installation implementations.

    tlmgr revision 39198 (released 5jan16):

    tlmgr revision 37738 (released 3jul15):

    tlmgr revision 37030 (released 24apr15):

    tlmgr revision 35841 (released 24dec14):

    tlmgr revision 34227 (released 23may14, TeX Live 2014):

    tlmgr revision 32912 (released 9feb14):

    tlmgr revision 31657 (released 15sep13):

    tlmgr revision 31400 (released 9aug13):

    tlmgr revision 30643 (released 23may13, TeX Live 2013):

    tlmgr revision 28216 (released 09nov12):

    tlmgr revision 27748 (released 25oct12):

    tlmgr revision 27601 (released 07sep12):

    tlmgr revision 27413 (released 16aug12):

    tlmgr revision 27258 (released 30jul12):

    tlmgr revision 27170 (released 26jul12):

    tlmgr revision 26857 (released 8jul12, TeX Live 2012):

    tlmgr revision 23514 (released 12aug11):

    tlmgr revision 23117 (released 23jun11, TeX Live 2011):

    tlmgr revision 20975 (released 24jan11):

    tlmgr revision 20243 (released 1nov10):

    tlmgr revision 19923 (released 28sep10):

    tlmgr revision 19414 (TeX Live 2010 release):

    tlmgr revision 17811 (released 25apr10):

    tlmgr revision 17611 (released 30mar10): Support automatic installation of new collections (when they are included in the selected scheme).

    tlmgr revision 17455 (released 19mar10):

    For all other information, see the main tlmgr page.

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